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AMP theme for Twig and Symfony

AMP, the Accelerated Mobile Pages is an alternative markup to traditional HTML. Released in October 2015, the technology continues to gain popularity. In 2018 content driven sites should definitely look into integrating AMP markup views for optimal load times an...

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React, etc. Tech Stack

What is HTTP/3?

HTTP/3 will be the next version of the venerable Hypertext Transfer Prototocol that powers the world wide web. Since experiencing slow development from HTTP/1.1 (released in 1999) to the release of HTTP/2 (released in 2015), things are picking up with the release of HTTP/3 due in 2019. HTTP/3 is a...

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TypeScript in create-react-app

Create React App is the official boilerplate for React applications. In the recent major upgrade it received support for Babel 7 and other major tooling. Meanwhile TypeScript has also improved interoperation with Babel, but the two weren't available in create-react-app 2.0. Now this is changing, wi...

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The future of PHP 8 unclear

The PHP language has been a venerable war horse for much of the web development community. The first web native programming language continues to power the majority of the web, but in recent times it is facing a lot of competition. What does the future hold for PHP, including the 8.0 version? The P...

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PHP 8 JIT benchmark

JIT for PHP has been in the cars for some time now. Originally PHP 7 explored the idea of JIT for adding performance, but this was abandoned because of lack of meaningful improvements for real world applications. However the HHVM from runtime that is largely PHP compatible. Here are some early ben...

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Drupalgeddon Redux (2018)

In 2014 there was a large issue in the popular Drupal web platform / framework known as Drupalgeddon. The system is popular tool used for creating web sites but now many use it for building sophisticated applications. This means that it has a large surface area because it can do anything. The origin...

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Best reception smartphone

The company Zero Reception is developing a smartphone with maximum cellular network smartphone. The device is runs Android, and the improved cell reception promises a fourfold improvement over other cellphones. The device is known as Certum Phone and it is being developed in Finland by antenna speci...

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Police raid OneCoin HQ in Bulgaria

Police have raided the headquarters of the OneCoin organisation in Bulgaria. OneCoin is a suspected Ponzi scam that is disguised in the veil of the blockchain technology. Since the meteoric rise of Bitcoin, Litecoin and other Cryptocurrencies, the market is attractive to scammers. Operating since 20...

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WordPress Calypso and GraphQL

GraphQL is a communication protocol that allows web applications to communicate. It is similar to the much hyped REST APIs, but is more uniform and thus more universal. This makes GraphQL usable across CMS products. Which takes us to the gamble that WordPress and the Automattic corporation behind it...

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Mossack Fonseca trusted WordPress

An incredibly large number of WordPress sites run a large parts of the web. From one hobby blogs to code boutiques to enterprise blogs, everyone is running an own copy of this popular Open Source blogging platform turned Content Management System. The problem with WordPress is not that it’s in...

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