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AMP theme for Twig and Symfony

AMP, the Accelerated Mobile Pages is an alternative markup to traditional HTML. Released in October 2015, the technology continues to gain popularity. In 2018 content driven sites should definitely look into integrating AMP markup views for optimal load times an...

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React, etc. Tech Stack

PHP 7.3 features & release date

PHP is the world's most popular server side programming language. It powers large parts of the web with products such as WordPress, MediaWiki and so on. Since the release of PHP 7.0, a major jump from the previous version 5.6, the PHP development team has settled on a yearly release cycle. New ver...

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Redux considered harmful

The world of JavaScript moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it. This is now the case for the fabled Redux state management library. Relased in 2015 to support the Flux pattern in React development, the library claimed it's place as the de-facto stat...

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React.js for KaiOS development

KaiOS is a Linux based operating system for feature phones. The system is a fork of the Firefox OS, a Mozilla venture that has been discontinued. Firefox OS was based on web technologies, a minimal Linux Kernel was used to boot up the Gecko browser engine. KaiOS continues on this path, being a brow...

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Drupal Shell - for the contemporary Drupal developer

Web Development Tips and News

Police raid OneCoin HQ in Bulgaria

Police have raided the headquarters of the OneCoin organisation in Bulgaria. OneCoin is a suspected Ponzi scam that is disguised in the veil of the blockchain technology. Since the meteoric rise of Bitcoin, Litecoin and other Cryptocurrencies, the market is attractive to scammers. Operating since 20...

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WordPress Calypso and GraphQL

GraphQL is a communication protocol that allows web applications to communicate. It is similar to the much hyped REST APIs, but is more uniform and thus more universal. This makes GraphQL usable across CMS products. Which takes us to the gamble that WordPress and the Automattic corporation behind it...

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Mossack Fonseca trusted WordPress

An incredibly large number of WordPress sites run a large parts of the web. From one hobby blogs to code boutiques to enterprise blogs, everyone is running an own copy of this popular Open Source blogging platform turned Content Management System. The problem with WordPress is not that it’s in...

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State of the WordPress REST API

There are two key “components” to the API: the infrastructure that makes it possible to register endpoints and define their behaviours, and the core endpoints which leverage the infrastructure bits to create RESTful endpoints that let you read/write/manipulate WordPress features like...

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