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AMP theme for Twig and Symfony

AMP, the Accelerated Mobile Pages is an alternative markup to traditional HTML. Released in October 2015, the technology continues to gain popularity. In 2018 content driven sites should definitely look into integrating AMP markup views for optimal load times an...

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React, etc. Tech Stack

Skyfall and Solace Exploits

Following the Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities affecting CPUs using Speculative execution, there have been reports of new similar vulnerabilities. These are known as Skyfall and Solace, which have been reported to take advantage of the same vulnerabilities. Vulnerable code samples PoC (Proof...

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Using TypeScript with GraphQL

Strong typing is a trend that has enjoyed growth in the contemporary development scene. Technologies like MobX State Tree, TypeScript and GraphQL all provide this feature to JavaScript ecosystems. TypeScript and GraphQL are especially powerful together, since the overhead of working with remote sys...

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Next.js to adopt React Router

Next.js is a powerful framework that is being deployed by companies like Ticketmaster, Docker, NPM and Magic Leap. The JavaScript framework developed by startup company Zeit is opinionated, which has kept some users unhappy. Especially regarding it's custom routing tool. React.js is a technology th...

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Drupal Shell - for the contemporary Drupal developer

Web Development Tips and News

WordPress Calypso and GraphQL

GraphQL is a communication protocol that allows web applications to communicate. It is similar to the much hyped REST APIs, but is more uniform and thus more universal. This makes GraphQL usable across CMS products. Which takes us to the gamble that WordPress and the Automattic corporation behind it...

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Mossack Fonseca trusted WordPress

An incredibly large number of WordPress sites run a large parts of the web. From one hobby blogs to code boutiques to enterprise blogs, everyone is running an own copy of this popular Open Source blogging platform turned Content Management System. The problem with WordPress is not that it’s in...

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State of the WordPress REST API

There are two key “components” to the API: the infrastructure that makes it possible to register endpoints and define their behaviours, and the core endpoints which leverage the infrastructure bits to create RESTful endpoints that let you read/write/manipulate WordPress features like...

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Data Journalism CMS Requirements

Content Management Systems are tools for publishing created content online. With the rise of rise of Data Journalism there is an increasing need to provide content creators with the tools to merge content and data. Below are some opinions on what those requirements should be for a good Data Journal...

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Drupal 8 is slower?

One of the advertised key selling points of Drupal 8 is speed. But according to some numbers it seems like the Drupal 7 is actually quite a bit faster than the latest iteration: This probably ties into the large architectural changes in Drupal 8 to that aim to modernise the legacy application. Of...

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Alternatives to WordPress

WordPress is a juggernaut of the internet. It all kinds of web sites, ranging from blogs to complex business critical web applications. Matt Mullenweg, the founding father of the project imagines WordPress as being an Operating System of the Internet. So WordPress is everywhere, powering smartphone...

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